Race Matters: 10 White Celebrities Raising Black Children

Race is an important factor to consider when adopting a child. White children are usually the first to find new families, while black children wait the longest to find a home. Statistics from  Love Isn’t Enough,”  a blog about parenting and race, examined the views of  families and the race of children they are open to adopting. They found 88 percent of the prospective parents would “accept” a white baby; 33 percent would “accept” a South American or Hispanic baby; 28 percent would “accept” an Asian baby and 14 percent would “accept” a black baby.

Internationally, black babies are only adopted 7 percent of the time, with most prospective parents preferring infants of European or Asian descent.

So why are white American celebrities choosing to adopt black children? We don’t know the answer to that, but we compiled a list of white celebrities who have chosen transracial adoption.

Check it out.


Theo Spielberg was born 1988 and adopted by Kate Capshaw before her marriage to famed director Steven Spielberg, who then adopted Theo. He also has another adopted black child, Mikaela George Spielberg.


On March 18, 2010, Modern Family’s Ty Burrell and his wife Holly adopted baby girl Frances, born here in America. In March 2012, the Burrells adopted a second daughter whose identity the couple chose to keep private.

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