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7 Republicans Who Refused to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life in the pursuit of equality and inclusion for black people in America and to advance the cause of freedom and justice for all Americans. Yet, some politicians in Washington D.C., mainly from the Republican Party, couldn’t fit the commemoration of  the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington into their schedules.

Here’s a rundown of the top Republicans, current and past leaders, who were invited to the 50th anniversary celebration, and the reasons why they reportedly decided not to show.

Senator Tim Scott, the only African-American in the Senate, did not attend the anniversary celebration. Scott (R-S.C.), told Roll Call through a spokesperson that he had not been invited. But the online newspaper reported on Thursday afternoon that an email confirmed that Scott’s office declined an invitation to the event earlier this month.

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8 thoughts on “7 Republicans Who Refused to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

  1. Why would the black republican not attend? Doesn't he know that race trumps politics for most of his party members.

  2. Who gives a [email protected]*k if these racist thinking individuals didn't attend!!!

  3. Lyric Leigh says:

    I was there I loved it I don't care I loved it!!!

  4. So what's your point? MLK only means something to black people…he means nothing to us never has never will…i mean after all he was black.

  5. Pasha Golliday says:

    In 50 years no ones seems have pursued or mentioned MLK's real dreams for the black community. The 2013 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington was no exception. The boot strap experiment has failed miserably for the majority of blacks. So, its not a mystery why we are witnessing desperation and hopelessness in our communities. MLK realized that civil rights alone would not level the playing field for black people 50 years ago. Why have we been stalled there trying to assimilate into a resistant society. Its time for fairness. Its time to level the playing field. If not now…when? Please see MLK talk about his real dream weeks before his death in his Poor Peoples Campaign:

  6. …said Senator Tim Scott (R, SC). Or did you, Jethro, not read the article or remember the title? Seems to me: between the two of you, one of you need to figure out which one is living in denial…Besides the estimated 100k whites in attendance 50 years ago and the ramifications of which you really do understand, or why else would you care to say anything?, your point is at best: moot. (but should have been mute-d)
    BUT: because I served 20 years and 10 days for you to be able to say what ever you want, whenever you want. Maybe, you should concentrate on making your points remotely intelligent in front of us inferior folks. ijs

  7. There are some things that we need to keep our mouths shut about. no one will know how dumb ignorant you are until you open your mouth. If Dr. king is so insignificant, why do you waist your time making a comment. Remember you are a descendant of People who stole an entire continent, displaced two races of people and presently maintain the largest modern day Plantation (un United States).

  8. Pamela Chesson says:

    Wow! People are still suffering from racial ignorance I see… smh!

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