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‘Big Brother’ Head of Household Competition 11

via CBS

Big Brother” Episode 29 airs tonight on CBS, when Head of Household Competition 11 concludes and nominations will be held.

Last week, Elissa’s big plan to nominate Amanda failed big time, which resulted in her having to face Amanda’s wrath and Aaryn getting sent home.

This week, the Head of Household Competition which began on last Thursday night’s live eviction show concludes and the winner of the competition results in a big shift of power. The last place finishers will have to don chicken suits as a penalty, while a new alliance is formed that shakes things up in the house. The nomination ceremony will force two people to fight a double eviction which will occur this coming Thursday. Also, a surprise competition will take place.

Tune in tonight to watch “Big Brother” Season 15, Episode 29, airing at 8PM/7c on CBS.

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