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The Real Problem With Miley Cyrus as the ‘Ratchet White Girl’

Miley Cyrus has been the talk of the country after her bizarre performance at MTV’s 2013 VMAs, but the real problem here may run even deeper than the fact that Cyrus got her start with Disney.

Although she says she’s just trying to be herself, her raunchy behavior is still being deemed as trying to act black.

Ever since Miley started stripping down and twerking all over the Internet, her former fans and longtime critics have spread the word that little Hannah Montana is now trying to act like a black girl.

It was just a few days ago that Miley sent out a tweet in response to all the critics who say she needs to remember that she’s white.

“I know what color my skin is. you can stop with the friendly reminders b***h,” she tweeted out on Aug. 12.

Needless to say the tweet didn’t do much to stop the comparisons and the accusations that white stars who act out are just confused about their racial identity. Ouch.

In other words, only black women should be ripping their clothes off and shaking their butts for the world to see. The stereotype has shifted from “many black women are Jezebels” to “only black women are Jezebels.”  That is a serious problem.

To make matters worse, ever since Miley began her campaign of twerking and having her tongue everywhere except in her mouth, the hip-hop community has embraced her.

So what does this say about the hip-hop culture that Miley didn’t mean much to them when she was Hannah Montana, but as soon as she began popping up with little to no clothes, she was also popping up in hip-hop music videos?

From an Instagram video with French Montana to starring in  Big Sean’s “Fire” video, it seems that the hip-hop community is now obsessed with the “ratchet white girl.”

She’s even twerked her way into a shout-out by Jay Z on his “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album.

Of course, some people have a different perspective about what’s going on. According to recording artist B.o.B, Miley’s actions are perceived completely differently than they would be for a black woman.

During the VMA’s, B.o.B sent a tweet pointing out that Miley’s crazy dance routine was seen as “entertainment” while it’s often seen as being “ratchet” when black women do the same thing.

“When a black girl twerks, it’s ratchet,” he tweeted. “when a white girl does it, it’s entertainment.”

That may have been the case at one point, but Miley certainly doesn’t seem to be getting away with her latest performance.

While her online twerk videos received a more positive reaction than the twerk video of any black female celebrity, her last performance pushed the envelope too far and left viewers feeling uncomfortable rather than amused.

The question now is that as Miley’s crazy antics continue, will people continue deeming her the “ratchet white girl” when that phrase itself suggests that a “ratchet girl” isn’t supposed to be white?

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