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‘Bad Girls Club’ Season 11, Episode 3: ‘Tap In Tap Out’


The Bad Girls Club Season 11, Episode 3:  Tap In Tap Out

Bad Girls Club,” season 11, episode 3: “Tap In Tap Out” airs tonight on Oxygen.

In this week’s episode, Sarah becomes the girls’ target. It all begins when she attempts to spice up the boring friendly house vibes. Sarah focuses her instigating energies into targeting the new girl, only to quickly realize that hot-tempered Gina is not the one to be messed with. They get into it after coming home from the nightclub.

Teresa confronts Sarah about the baby monitor plan, and while Sarah calls her beloved security guard and confidant Cal, the other Bad Girls plot against her in the kitchen.

Milyn offers up $100 to whoever locks Sarah in the phone room, and JazMone, who is is dying to ditch her roomie, eagerly takes Milyn up on her dare.  Sarah, however, refuses to be put on lock-down, so she busts open the door with a high kick. Just imagine what’s going to happen next.

Tune in to  Oxygen tonight at 8 p.m. EST to see how how the drama unfolds. But in the meantime, take a look at a sneak peek of episode 3, Tap In Tap Out.


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