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Hitmaker and Hard Hitter: Pharrell and Ray Lewis Team up For New Mixtape

Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail release demonstrated to musicians and businesses that there are great benefits to be gained through cooperation.

Following in Jay’s footsteps, we saw Big Sean release new music through a Samsung application, and now with the upcoming NFL season we will see another big company leverage the cool power of music.

Super producer Pharrell Williams has teamed up with sports apparel company Under Armour and NFL legend Ray Lewis to produce a new mixtape called Natural Born Hitters, set to accompany the brand’s new fall line.

According to

“Are you ready for some football?! The good folks at Under Armour sure know you are. They know so much that they have partnered with super producer Pharrell Williams and NFL champion Ray Lewis on a unique mixtape project titled Natural Born Hitters and are allowing you to win a prize that you’ll never forget. Inspired by the film, “Ready for August,” which features Lewis giving his words of spirited wisdom and dedication to hard work to a group of young footballers, Natural Born Hitters the mixtape (three tracks in total produced by Williams) is the soundtrack to the different levels a player goes through in action: Training, Practice, Pre-Game and finally Gametime.”

What’s cool about this project is the interactive nature it presents. Pharrell and Under Armour have allowed the stems of his production to be downloaded and they’re encouraging fans to remix their own versions to the tracks through their special app. Those songs will be placed into a contest and the winning selection will debut on NFL’s Monday Night Football.

This is another look at what will probably be the business model for music in the future.

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