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Jets’ Mark Sanchez Gets An Unexpected Surprise During Sideline Interview

During New York’s recent preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mark Sanchez was generous enough to give a sideline interview during the contest, when something happened that stunned the quarterback. 

Sanchez was giving his account of the game to a reporter while cameras were rolling, when Jets guard Willie Colon crept up behind him and slapped him on his gluteus maximus.

Sanchez jumped, letting out an “oh” before laughing at what seems to be an ongoing team prank directed at starters during sideline interviews.

Of course, critics of Sanchez will likely equate his inability to see Colon coming to his lack of awareness in the pocket. Others will just laugh it off as the only interesting play in that preseason game.

Fortunately for Colon, this might be the only hard hit not fined by the NFL this preseason.


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