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Mike Tyson Heading to Oran to Film ‘Algeria Forever’

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson has landed a role in an Algerian film entitled “Algeria Forever.” 

Tyson’s role in the film is still unknown, but joining the boxer are Algerian actors Ahmed Benaissa, Mourad Khan, Bahia Rachedi and Algerian comedian Smain.

In the film, set in modern-day Algeria a supporter of the OAS, the French paramilitary organization that sought to keep Algeria under French rule, sets up base in Oran, the second largest city in the country. The OAS supporter has plans to acquire all the necessary resources needed for an armed and dangerous strike against the country and its people. 

But the group has to get through a secret agent, who happens to be a martial arts specialist and who will do whatever it takes to defend Algeria and destroy this scheming organization.

Tyson is expected to travel to Oran in September to film.

Expect to see Algeria Forever in theaters in the fall of 2014.







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