Iron Mike Tyson Returns to Boxing as a Promoter

Mike Tyson, who has barely been involved in boxing since his retirement in 2005, has teamed up with Acquinity Sports to start his own production company to promote fighters.

The former heavyweight champion has returned to the sport he once ruled and is ecstatic about his new opportunity.

“I thought about it, I talked to my wife [Kiki] about it and we thought we wanted to do it,” Tyson said in an interview with ESPN2. “I feel so awesome to be involved with the game again. That just feels so awesome.”

The chief executive of Acquinity Sports, Garry Jonas, worked on a deal with Tyson that took five months to make official. The name of the company is Iron Mike Productions.

“They gave me a call and believed we could help each other,” Tyson said of Jonas and Acquinity executive Henry Rivalta. “We struck up a deal where we would form Iron Mike Productions. We have a few fighters, we have a world champion and a few up-and-coming contenders, and we’re still recruiting fighters. I just thought that would be something remarkable because I always wanted to be in boxing, but I was unable to because of all the stuff that I’ve done that wasn’t too cool, back in the past.”

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