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Kid-Friendly Foods From Around the World

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Parents remain ever hopeful as we strive to introduce different foods into our children’s diets. Whether your family is traveling the world, or just looking for a little variety in your home kitchen, international cuisine can be a source of inspiration and nutrition. Here are 10 foods from around the globe that are sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters (except when they don’t.)

Antojitos, Mexico

Meaning ‘little snacks’, antojitos is a catch-all term for Mexican street food, including tacos, quesadillas and other lesser-known treats. These snacks are eaten all over North America, but the most authentic antojitos are purchased from street-corner stands in Mexico City. Many south-of-the-border snacks start with a tortilla, which is the first clue that they will appeal to young eaters. They’re also generally eaten without utensils − another bonus. For a quesadilla, the tortilla is folded in half, filled with cheese and toasted on a griddle, so it’s essentially a Mexican grilled cheese sandwich. Its slim, half-moon shape makes a quesadilla easy to eat, even for toddlers. Tacos are also popular for little ones: the child-sized tortillas are filled with chicken, chorizo, seafood or any other protein that your niños might like.

Rice and beans, the Caribbean

Simple and nutritious, rice and beans is a staple throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. By ‘staple’, we mean that in many of these places they are eaten every single day. The rice is brown or white; the beans are red or black; they are served mixed or separately.  Most importantly for parents, this dish is high in protein and sticks to the bones. Most importantly for kids, the ingredients are familiar and it tastes good.

Crêpes, France

The beauty of crêpes is their versatility. They can be breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert; they can be savory or sweet; they can be healthy or not. These ultra-thin pancakes are filled with fruit, cheese, meat or − for bons enfants who finish their vegetables − something sweet. While France gets most of the credit for this culinary creation, you’ll also find crêpes by other names in Russia (bliny) and Poland(naleśniki), as well as other parts of Eastern Europe (palačinka) and northern Europe (pannekake)…

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