Jon Bostic Lands Monster Hit, Fined $21K

Chicago Bear’s rookie Jon Bostic landed a crushing tackle on San Diego Chargers’ Mike Willie that laid him flat on the turf—but what appeared to be a clean hit, will set Bostic back nearly five percent of his base salary.’s Ian Rapoport confirmed that the awesome tackle will cost Bostic $21,ooo. Rapoport said officials believe Bostic lowered his head against a defenseless player, which is a rule violation.

The violation happened during the third quarter, when Bostic leveled Chargers’ wide receiver Willie. The hit echoed around the stadium and the Bear’s sideline erupted in cheers as Chicago went on to win 33-28 over the San Diego Chargers.

A replay of the tackle, which can be seen in the video above, shows a little helmet-to-helmet, but Bostic wraps his arm and connected with a hit that the official chose not to flag.

Bostic’s going to square you up, form tackle you, and make you remember,” ESPN’s Trent Dilfer remarked.

Bostic’s salary is reported to be $405,000. If this NFL ruling sticks, five percent of the rookie’s loot will be deducted, and the regular season hasn’t even begun yet.



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