What to do With Your Breakthrough: 3 Tips to Support Your Transition From Aha! to Application

You know what that Aha! moment feels like, don’t you?

You recognize something major, and it hits you in that ton-of-bricks sort of way. Now the issue, whatever that may be, is clear.

The information that triggers your revelation usually isn’t new per se, but somehow it resonates in a previously inaccessible space in your psyche.

Perhaps it’s the wording, the environment, or the state of mind you embody in that particular moment in time. Whatever it is, an Aha! moment lends itself to a level of clarity and certainty that renders you newly aware of a particular reality. When it comes, you know in that moment that something about the issue has to change.

That change doesn’t feel eventual either; it’s crazy urgent, and you get knee-deep in that Kint-is-Keyser-Söze moment, where all the formerly disconnected pieces align perfectly. This is where your neurons go into overdrive, rendering information and possibility through your synapses, in desperate attempts to map out workable solutions for that necessary change.

Indulge yourself for a moment right now by reliving one of your most powerful Aha! moments as clearly as you can.

Where were you?
Were you speaking to someone?
Did you feel overwhelmed by the emotions that followed the Aha?
What did you do the next day?

After your Aha!, how did you take your need for change from a radical idea to your new reality?

That last question is the basis for our dialogue over the next four days. My intention is to encourage you to seek and apply the resources to do more than recognize the need to change. I want you to know how to go about the change with clarity, confidence and courage.

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We’ll explore:

  1. Setting up your Aha! soulwork stations.
  2. Going from soulwork to strategy (the action plan).
  3. Using your emotions to support your Aha! afterparty.

It is one thing to know how you feel, and to be clear about what you no longer want to experience. But what will you do with what you now know? That’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’ve got plenty of Life Design tools to give you for that particular journey.

NEXT UP: Setting up your soulwork stations: The first two steps for life after your Aha!

Certified Family Life Educator Akilah S. Richards founded The Life Design Agency to help women engage in self-exploration, self-expression, and self-governance, and learn how to utilize emotional wellness practices to reclaim their voice in their work-life experiences. The international speaker has authored several books, including the Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller, How She Got Free. Her work has been featured in national publications such as Essence, Clutch, and Real Simple magazines, The Jamaica Gleaner, and online spaces such as MSNBC’s Today Moms, TinyBuddha.com, EverydayFeminism.com, and MyBrownBaby.com.

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