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Peep This: Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Look Into My Eyes’

After getting married over the weekend, Wiz Khalifa wants you to look into his eyes. That’s the title of the Taylor Gang rapper’s new song, “Look In My Eyes.”  According to

“The new song’s moody and atmospheric vibe is much closer to the more adventurous side of Khalifa’s sound, with the lyrics taking a serious turn towards the rapper’s daily life: ‘My pops tells me I look tired/when he look into my eyes/Soon as the cameras come on I know how to look alive/my mom tell me I look stressed/when she look into my eyes/so many people in my business/I’m just trying to live my life.’ Khalifa also mentions his recently born son, Sebastian, rapping, ‘I’ve got to raise him right.”

The song has a slower tempo, so Wiz’s wife Amber Rose, who was twerking in her wedding dress over the weekend, may not find the cadence suitable for her moves.

But for now she can take Wiz Khalifa’s advice and look him in the eyes. Check out the song above.


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