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Reloaded: Lupe Fiasco Drops ‘SLR 3 (Round Of Applause)’

Lupe Fiasco is not done responding to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. The Chicago rapper put out a new song last week called “SLR 2” in response to Kendrick, and now he’s back with “SLR 3 (Round Of Applause).”

According to

“The song’s resounding horns are hooked up by Soundtrakk (“Kick Push”). One of the best parts is near the song’s conclusion when he goes on sing-song rant

‘So I’m going to ride this wave, 0f ni–a’s popping sh-t that ain’t got nothing to do with me, and just capitalize off all the free presssss, because my publicist charges a lot to do the same sh-t that these ni–as is doing for freeeee, and I could just rap because really the sh-t don’t mean nothing to meeeee…”

Lupe’s “SLR 2” was the best response to Kendrick’s “Control” so far. There have been responses from other rappers, but no one of Lupe’s lyrical stature. “SLR 3” is not quite as vicious as “SLR2,” and sounds more like a track from Lupe’s debut album Food & Liquor. But the song is nonetheless another good offering from Lupe.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco’s “SLR 3 (Round Of Applause)” below and give your  thoughts.

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