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Lady Gaga Garners Round of ‘Applause’ for New Video

Lady Gaga premiered her new video today for the single “Applause” on the “Good Morning America” show. Gaga was there to guest host GMA and talk about her new video and upcoming album “ARTPOP,” which is scheduled to be released November 11. According to

“The visuals to ‘Applause’ show Gaga in various levels of dress, from a full black hooded bodysuit, to almost entirely naked, with just seashells or a set of hands covering her breasts. While parts of the video are shot in stark black-and-white, others are done in striking color with Gaga sporting dramatic makeup and get-ups.”

The song was released prematurely last week by Gaga, after hackers starting publishing low-quality versions of the song on the Internet. Gaga’s ‘little monsters’ (fans) took to social media to encourage people to stop sharing the song before its release. However, rather than fighting it, Lady Gaga decided to release the song, and now the visuals, a little earlier than planned.

Gaga is set to perform “Applause” live at MTV’s Music Video Awards Sunday. The song is the first single from her upcoming album “ARTPOP,” which is her third. It’s kind of ironic that this is only Gaga’s third album, yet she seems like a veteran, considering her popularity.

Check out the video and comment below.

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