Say What? Mase to Sign With Drake’s OVO Label?


After having one of the most talked about cameos at Drake’s OVO Festival last week in Toronto, speculation is now growing about whether Mase will sign with Drake’s OVO label.

Last year during an MTV interview, the former Bad Boy star said if he were ever to sign with someone again that it would be with either Kanye West or Drake. MTV sat down with Drake after his OVO Festival performances where he discussed the possibility.

“Funny enough, me and Mase have just been talking about what the future holds, about what he wants to do,” Drake told MTV News. “And anything is possible, man. I told Mase, ‘You’re Mase at the end of the day, so I don’t think you should end up on anybody else’s label.’

“I know Kanye took an interest in Mase as well, because Mase is like the original fly guy that made it all look extremely fun, dancing and everything you saw it at [OVO Fest]. Those guys can’t get on stage and be stiff and overly serious…it’s a party. There’s a lot of rappers who get out there and take themselves super serious and it’s not fun like that. They don’t laugh. Those guys got out there and proved why there are who they are. Two kings doing what they were born to do.”

“I’d love to work with Mase to be honest. I told him, ‘man, I hope tonight’s not our last conversation.’ It’s been cool, we kicked it and just went out and got something to eat.”

That would be something to see,  although sometimes it’s hard to figure out Mase’s on- again, off-again relationship with his hip-hop career. Especially since he’s still a pastor at his Atlanta church.

But a Drake and Mase collaboration would be fitting. As they both said in their interviews, Mase is the original rapper who laid the foundation for the careers of artists like Kanye and Drake.

So much so that I can remember Jay Z making Mase into a verb, since Mase was the opposite of the hardcore rappers who were dominating at the time. And that’s exactly what Drake did more than a decade later, he “Mased” the game.


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