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‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Episode 17 ‘Reunion Part 2’

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 2 Episode 17 “Reunion Part 2” airs tonight on VH1 and the drama continues. In this week’s episode, the entire cast of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunite for the second part of the reunion show.

Rasheeda reveals the status of her relationship with Kirk after that infamous incident at Benzino’s lake house. Meanwhile, Lil Scrappy squirms in the hot seat between Erica and his “special friend,” Shay. She addresses her current situation with the rapper since his engagement with Erica is on hold. Is Shay still seeing Scrappy?

Stevie J is up to some of his same old antics and makes it rain on Nikko. But when he apologizes to Mimi in a tender moment and asks for her forgiveness after all the troubles, will she accept?

Tonight also features a special performance from K. Michelle.

Catch all the drama when you tune in to Vh1 tonight at 8PM for “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Episode 17 “Reunion Part 2.” Get a glimpse of what’s in store for the second installment of the reunion show by checking out the VH1 sneak peek.


Rasheeda reveals the status of her relationship with Kirk.

Shay addresses her current situation with Scrappy.

Stevie J Apologizes To Mimi.


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6 thoughts on “‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Episode 17 ‘Reunion Part 2’

  1. Niaya Bicth ImBadd says:

    Stevie J you still like mimi but youu still with joseline and josline you gave hima ring he was suppose to be give youu one first and he dint that's crazy! but stevie doesn't love you he just like your booty and the way you bringing in money.

  2. I love mimi she's a strong women and she's pretty team mimi.

  3. Kirk is a Jerk. No disrespect to Rasheda but your back bone seems to be much stronger than Jerk. How is it you guys are expecting . When Rasheda was not giving you any attention .

  4. Quinlan Doinggud Thompson says:

    I jus <3 Love and hip hop.That's my Show!
    <3 <3 <3.

  5. Denise Wells says:

    Shay is the family pat she has always tried to get in where she think she can fit in anyone that would lay down with favor fav will do anything, damn girl how many times Scrappy gonna have to crack your face he wants Erica he don't want you dog face bitch the family pat you stupid

  6. mimi I a strong women and joseline is a hoe.

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