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Beyonce Still Winning: Outsells Michelle Obama on Newsstands, May Perform at VMAs

Beyonce has made it clear that all she does is “win, win, win no matter what,” as DJ Khaled would put it.

Amid her incredibly successful world tour and nationally admired Pepsi television commercials, Beyonce’s Heat fragrance has been named the best-selling celebrity fragrance of all time. At the same time, MTV is dropping hints that Baddie Bey may be performing at its Video Music Awards.

Of course, once you realize that Mrs. Carter’s image on magazine covers has even managed to outsell first lady Michelle Obama’s at the newsstands, it’s no wonder that everything she puts her name on is automatically a huge deal.

Despite nearly every celebrity coming out with their own fragrance at one time or another, no one has been able to surpass Beyonce’s success according to People Magazine.

Since 2010 she has released nearly three times as many top-selling fragrances as she has hit singles – which wasn’t necessarily a difficult feat considering she hasn’t pushed out much new music after her 2011 album “4” became her poorest performing album to date.

Either way, her music career is still doing so well that any products promoted on her tours and concerts are sure to be a knock-out.

The mother-of-one claimed her latest fragrance, Heat, was released to commemorate her Mrs. Carter World Tour.

“I love my music, I love performing, and most of all I love and appreciate my fans,” she told E Online. “I wanted to give them a special remembrance of this tour and I created this scent to reflect the power, passion and playfulness I put into my performances.”

The limited-edition fragrance is already outselling many perfume lines that have been released by other stars, proving that the Bey Hive may just be the most dedicated fan base of them all.

In fact, Bey’s star power is so outstanding that she sells out at newsstands like a living legend – literally.

With the print industry in a bit of trouble, Vanity Fair has turned to photos of deceased stars for their covers because that’s simply what the readers want or what they buy at least.

Despite tons of criticisms about using photos of late stars for its cover, the proof is in the sales;  deceased celebrities simply sell better than living ones – unless it’s Beyonce.

Baddie Bey is pretty much the only living celebrity whose cover photo is guaranteed to have magazines fly off the racks, no matter what the state of print industry might be.

When the “Grown Woman” songstress was featured on the cover of Vogue in a chic black and white ensemble, she outsold an exclusive interview the magazine nabbed with first lady Michelle Obama in April by over 60,000 copies.

That also means she managed to outsell Vanity Fair’s issue that featured Audrey Hepburn on the cover. While Hepburn’s cover sold 308,000 copies, the Bey Hive purchased 355,397 copies of the Vogue issue with the curvy star on the cover.

If her fans are that excited about seeing her on the cover of a magazine, you can only imagine the social media pandemonium that erupted when MTV dropped hints that Beyonce might perform at the VMAs this year.

MTV and Pepsi have been promoting a special fan competition on Twitter that will earn some lucky music lovers VIP passes to a “special, exclusive VMA performance at an iconic Brooklyn location.”

Having Pepsi involved is enough of a reason to believe a Beyonce show is the grand prize, but to add to the suspicions the “iconic Brooklyn location” is the Barclays Center – where  Jay-Z constantly sells out and that has a million-dollar nursery for Blue Ivy Carter.

Shortly after promoting the contest, MTV posted a picture of a VMA on a chair with Mrs. Carter Show World Tour logo on it, along with the caption, “Heeeeeeey Mrs. Carter! Snuck backstage at @Beyonce’s @BarclaysCenter show for a little sneak peek of the #VMA venue! No sleep til 8/25. #RoadToTheVMAs #BeyGood.”

It didn’t take long before Facebook statuses and tweets began flying with fans excited by the mere chance that Mrs. Carter might be taking the VMA stage.

No word out yet on whether or not she’ll be hitting the stage flinging around her weaved-in blonde locks, or if she’ll rock her bold short pixie cut.


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