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‘Iyanla: Fix My Life,’ Season 2, Episode 3 – ‘Fix My Raging Spouse’

Iyanla: Fix My Life,” season 2, episode 3 – “Fix My Raging Spouse,” airs tonight Own.

In this week’s episode, a Miami couple facing divorce seeks advice from Iyanla. Fights are common for every couple, however, Iyanla travels to Miami to work with the husband and wife who she says do not who fight fairly.

Belinda and her husband, Rosendo, say their constant fighting has them on the verge of divorce—and their two young daughters are caught in the middle. Belinda uses  words as weapons. Rosendo simply shuts down as a defense mechanism. To teach this couple that marriage is a dance, not a fight, Iyanla takes them to a local boxing ring.

She sends Rosendo into the ring with a female boxer as a demonstration to show Belinda what it’s like when she argues with her husband, who feels he can’t fight back. Watch what happens when Belinda sees her husband in the ring.

Can Iyanla help this couple learn to trust one another again before it’s too late?Tune in Aug. 10, at 9/8c on OWN to find out.

For a sneak peek of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” season 2, episode 3 – “Fix My Raging Spouse” check out the spoilers below.



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