Behind the Scenes: Diddy and Mase at OVO Festival

Drake created some epic moments this week, not just for his city, but for all of hip-hop with his OVO Festival in Toronto.  The night was packed with an all-star line up and one of the most memorable moments was when Drake brought out Diddy, who in turn brought out Mase.

Diddy and Mase performed ’90s Bad Boy hits like “Feel So Good,” “Victory,” and “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems,” among others. Diddy’s Revolt TV was there to catch it all. From the dressing room to the onstage performance, Revolt aired those behind-the -scenes moments in the video above.

According to

“In this behind-the-scenes footage, Diddy and Mase are seen catching up like old times. Then, it cuts to their memorable performance as they played joints such as ‘Feels So Good.’

“Nine years later, the pair demonstrate a bond that will last forever”.

It’s been a hip-hop reunion week, as we saw Jay Z and long-time business partner and friend Dame Dash together for the first time in years.


It’s great to see people like Diddy and Mase, and Jay Z and Dash back together. It sets the right example for young people, proving that relationships can last for long time and that beefs don’t have to last forever.

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