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Mark Cuban Defends Alex Rodriguez’s ‘Disgraceful’ Suspension

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently had plenty to say about Alex Rodriguez’s 211 suspension from Major League Baseball. While appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Thursday, Cuban was passionate in defending the New York Yankees player who was recently involved in a performance enhancement drug scandal.

“Horrible,” Cuban replied to Leno’s question about Rodriguez’s suspension. “I think it’s disgraceful what Major League Baseball is trying to do to him. Look, it’s not that he doesn’t deserve to be suspended. He does. They have policies in place: A first-time offender is 50 games, and a second time is 100. [Two hundred and eleven games], that’s personal.”

On Monday, Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games as a result of an investigation that confirmed his and 12 other players’ involvement in Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic accused of providing athletes with performance enhancing drugs. Alex Rodriguez is allowed to play despite his suspension because he filed an appeal, which could take months to resolve.

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