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Michael Jordan: Pamela Smith Fined For Paternity Suit Publicity Stunt

Michael Jordan had his name dragged through the mud by his alleged “baby mama” Pamela Smith, but the tables have turned and now Smith is being fined almost $10,000 for pulling the publicity stunt that wasted everybody’s time.

Many people had their suspicions about Smith’s allegations, especially after she suddenly decided to drop the case claiming that she felt it was the best move to protect her 17-year-old son.

As it turns out, Smith knew from the beginning that the iconic basketball player was not the father of her son because she already had a paternity test taken in 2003.

The test revealed that her ex-husband was her teenage son’s father, so there was no reason for her to make the same accusations again when she already knew the truth.

Perhaps she was jealous that Jordan was getting married and moving on with his life, which she should have done a long time ago as well. Either way, the judge is making her pay up for the publicity stunt.

On July 19, the judge ordered the fame-hungry woman to hand over $9,704.13 to MJ to settle his court bills and to compensate for the way she trashed his reputation.

This has certainly got to be one of the most embarrassing and costly publicity stunt backfires of all time, coming in pretty close to Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife’s antics.

What is it about these basketball players that makes their ex-wives crazy? Or perhaps they’re just all dating crazy women?

Siohvaughn Funches pulled her publicity stunt when she claimed to be homeless on the street because Wade didn’t cut her in on a part of his sponsorship checks. Truth of the matter is that Wade was still paying her mortgage, paid for several cars and other living expenses – a deal that has been ruined now that she decided to pull the crazy ex- card.

While Wade and his ex don’t have any paternity uncertainty, Wade is concerned that Funches isn’t mentally stable enough to care for his two young sons.

Unfortunately, Wade’s drama is far from over. But as far as Jordan’s case goes, he has already been claimed the victor once again.

Looks like he can teach these younger NBA ballers a thing or two about the courtroom as well.

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