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Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Protests With Homeless Sign in Chicago

Photo: Chicago Tribune

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, is living in the streets. Wade’s former high school sweetheart is reportedly protesting what she felt was an injustice by family court.

Funches was photographed sitting outside the Daley Center in Chicago with a handwritten poster board sign that read: “Miami Heat Star Mother of His Children on the Streets.”

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“Siohvaughn Wade said she would ‘live on the streets’ as she protested what she called the ‘injustice” of a failed lawsuit she filed in an effort to get money from her ex-husband’s endorsement deals.

“’I don’t want anything, no money, all I want is my freedom and my voice,’ she said.”

Last week Funches filed and withdrew a lawsuit claiming Wade and his endorsers owed her $2 million in damages.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times via

“Wade’s ex was accusing him and his endorsers of civil conspiracy and violating the terms of an agreement they made in 2008 that requires the endorsers to deposit all funds from Wade’s endorsement deals into a joint account.”

According to unverified reports, Funches received $1 million, plus $10,000 for traveling expenses and $25,000 in alimony in the divorce settlement. If these reports are correct, it’s a little difficult to garner sympathy for Funches’ decision to “live on the streets.”

Let’s hope that for the sake of her children, whom Wade has full custody of, this charade will end soon.

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