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Dwyane Wade Says Ex-Wife Siohvaughn is Too Crazy to Care for Kids?

Dwyane Wade ex-wife too crazy to care for kids The legal drama between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches is far from over after Wade refused to make his two sons available for visitation because he felt Funches wasn’t mentally stable enough to take care of the kids.

Wade and Funches reached a financial agreement just a few days ago, but the drama isn’t over yet.

While Wade’s and Funches’s legal teams were hashing it out over whether or not Wade’s ex-wife deserves tons of money from his sports sponsorships, Wade had another legal team hard at work in Miami filing an emergency motion that would prevent Funches from continuing the visitation rights she now has.

Quite frankly, whether or not the NBA baller’s ex-wife is a little crazy has already been discussed all over social media and in many popular sports blogs – with a resounding “yes” as the answer – and Wade’s legal team is hoping the courts will agree.

Dwyane Wade Ex-wife homeless protest may cost her visitation The request to have her visitation rights suspended stem from her strange street protest in Chicago that suggested Wade forced her out unto the streets, when in reality Wade has still been forking over a hefty spousal support payment every month in addition to paying for her cars and mortgage.

The request also references her breathing difficulties, which forced a recess during one of the Chicago court hearings last week.

Wade’s filing states that he wants the children to remain in his custody until his ex passes a psychological evaluation.

“S.L.’s [Funches-Wade] statements, behaviors, and her demeanor in court reflect that she is presently lost, angry and desperate,” the filing reads. “Her behavior is not in the children’s best interests… D.T. [Wade] requests that this Court immediately suspend S.L.’s timesharing… pending the results of a psychological evaluation of S.L.”

While Gabrielle Union’s boo was trying to convince the courts that Funches might be crazy, Funches has been busy trying to convince the courts that Wade needs to be behind bars.

Dwyane Wade says ex-wife isn't stable enough to care for two sons It was last Monday that she was supposed to begin her two week visitation period with the children, but since they have yet to be made available to her she insists that Wade needs to be arrested.

When Funches failed to return the children to Wade on time last year, she was quickly arrested in Chicago and she feels he should get the same punishment.

Of course, the fact that Wade is actually the primary caretaker of the children and not Funches will certainly play a major role in whether or not Wade will receive any legal consequences for keeping the children.

Either way, Funches’s lawyer thinks Wade’s actions are “disturbing.”

“The entire way Mr. Wade and his team are handling the issues with the children is disturbing to me,” said Funches’ lawyer Brian Hurst.

This certainly isn’t the kind of drama Wade needed when his financial investments are still on the line.

That financial agreement that both sides agreed to has not been signed yet and at this rate, it isn’t certain that it ever will be.


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3 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Says Ex-Wife Siohvaughn is Too Crazy to Care for Kids?

  1. Leslie Granato says:

    Is she paying him.child support ?

  2. Mi Malone says:

    Have you ever heard of children being killed by the other parent during supervised visits? And what legal guardian do you know would be supervising them for 2 weeks straight, as the article stated she was to begin her 2 week visitation. The woman has mental issues, why would he want to put his kids at risk AT ALL? If this were a mother doing this same argument with the father you would have no issue at all.

  3. Audrey Shankle says:

    Not one cent. The article suggest he is still paying her tons in alimony or spousal Maintenace. Im the custodial parent of my two children. There was a time I did not allow them I go with their father. He was in a bad place And i didn't trust is judgement. He had the police at my door one day and in front of them I replayed my fears and needless to say he was sent home

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