Kim Kardashian Tops ‘Stupid’ Baby Name With ‘Dumb’ Fake Baby Photo

Kim Kardashian shared a fake baby photo on her Facebook page where she was immediately met with some serious backlash from her fans who have been patiently waiting for their first look at baby North West. Meanwhile, more celebrities are still slamming the child’s unusual name.

Apparently Kim K and Kris Jenner just really get a kick out of teasing loyal fans or Kim is still trying to convince us that she truly cares about her baby’s privacy and isn’t actually trying to build even more publicity about baby North West.

The curvy reality star posted to her Facebook page a photo of her holding a baby wrapped in a blue blanket, with sister Kourtney looking at the baby in amazement. As for the caption she wrote, “Love these precious moments…”

Everything about the post seemed to be a set up, but Kim must have forgotten that her fans keep up with her every move. Several people commented on the photo and pointed out that it was actually a picture of Kourtney’s son Mason when he was still just a baby.

In all honesty, even people who aren’t fans of the Kardashians could have figured that out. The Kardashian sisters look slim and petite in the photo – too petite for a woman who just had a baby in June and another who hasn’t necessarily shed all her baby weight from giving birth to daughter Penelope.

To be even more frank about it, the Kim in the picture is much slimmer than the Kim we saw even before she got pregnant, so it’s obvious that the photo is from a long, long time ago.

Either way her fans were simply not having it.

“Enough kim!!! We already know this is not ur baby north west!!…U want millions of dollars just to see ur baby? C’mon… Ur baby worth that money? Cuz i dont think so!!!”

Another user posted an image of graffiti that read, “Stop making stupid people famous.”

One comment received over 20 likes and simply read, “Kim this is so dumb even for u.”

When even the fans become restless for a baby photo, it’s no surprise that the paparazzi got a little antsy as well. Kim shared a Keek video of her mother Kris Jenner chasing down a camera man who had somehow snuck unto their property.

You can’t see the man Kris is chasing in the video, but you can see the mother of the Kardashian clan bolting out the door with no shoes on like she is on a mission.

At the beginning of the video Kim announces that there is a cameraman in the yard before telling a third person that she doesn’t want to go outside as she hands them the phone to continue filming.

Although the police were called to the scene and reports were filed, some people still believe that this is all a part of the Kardashians trying to build as much attention around baby North as they can – especially since the British royal baby has finally arrived and stole North’s shine.

If it is, it certainly is a dumb scheme but according to Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Laila Ali, not as dumb as that “unique” baby name.

“I don’t care who you are, that’s just stupid… period,” Laila said about Kimye’s baby name.

Actor Garcelle Beauvais added that people just seem to be “getting a little carried away” with trying to come up with “unique” baby names.

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