The 49ers Shift Focus to Vernon Davis for Wide Receiver Spot

The San Francisco 49ers continue to consider Vernon Davis for wide receiver. Davis has played the tight end position exclusively since entering the NFL in 2006, but the 49ers could be looking to improvise with Michael Crabtree on the injured list after Achilles tendon surgery, and three other wideouts hurting. Davis has now been called upon to work with the receivers during minicamp, as well as the start of training camp.

“I’m willing to step up and do whatever they ask me to do,” Davis told reporters on Sunday. “They’ve been having me line up at wide receiver, pretty much all over the place. It’s a good thing that I get the opportunity to work with those guys because it not only helps me at the wide receiver position, it also helps me at the tight end position. My feet get quicker, my route-running is better.”

It would make sense for the 49ers to take advantage of Davis—he’s arguably the most explosive player on the 49ers’ offense. However, he’s only been summoned to training camp, so it remains uncertain whether or not Davis will play wide receiver when the official season begins.

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