David Ortiz Ejected From Game After Violent Outburst

David Ortiz was ejected after he blew a major fuse for striking out against the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday.

The Boston Red Sox hard hitter was not happy with the call of home plate umpire Tim Timmons during the seventh inning of his team’s 7-3 win at Camden Yards.

Angry over a pair of strikes from earlier in the at-bat, he was not shy about demonstrating how unhappy he was with the referee’s call. Ortiz began violently smashing the dugout phone with a baseball bat, which ultimately got him sent to the locker room early.

“I got 17 years in the league and I don’t think I deserve to be disrespected like that,” Ortiz protested after the game. “You want to get respect from the players, you respect the players. That was horrible. Both of the pitches, not one.”

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