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Riddim Nation: Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj ‘Twerk It’

Miley Cyrus isn’t the only one still twerking, as Busta Rhymes releases his new video for his single “Twerk It” featuring Nicki Minaj. The rhythm pulsates as Busta and Minaj return to their Caribbean roots, breaking out with dancehall flow. According to

“In his new video for ‘Twerk It’ the rapper gets to shaking in the club, trading in his trademark spitfire flow for Jamaican vocal affectations. A hater approaches as Busta dances with women, but he’s quickly zapped by a big laser gun. The rapper also morphs into Spider-Man villain Venom before Nicki Minaj storms in with a seductive verse. Of course, Minaj shows what she can do with her low end, and Pharrell and DJ Khaled also join in on the fun.”

nicki-khaled-bustaWhile it isn’t uncommon for DJs and producers to make appearances in rap videos, this one of course, has special meaning now since DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj. Although the two look quite fine in this video, which was presumably before Khaled proposed, Nicki has been rumored to have responded to the proposal with a restraining order.

The video is a solid performance piece from Busta Rhymes. It’s ironic for me that Busta has returned to using a dancehall style, which is called ‘deejaying,’ on this song. The very first time I heard Busta Rhymes was on Buju Banton’s album “Voice Of Jamaica,” on which he used a similar style. I actually thought he was a Jamaican artist until I later learned he was a New York rapper of Jamaican descent. Glad to see both Busta and Nicki Minaj representing their lineage.

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