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Throwback Thursday: Iyanla Vanzant, Oprah on Repairing Their Friendship

Iyanla Vanzant is bringing new life to Oprah’s OWN network with her popular show “Iyanla: Fix My Life” and numerous appearances on “Super Soul Sundays” and “Oprah’s Life Class.” From the outside, it’s hard to believe Oprah and Iyanla had a rift that lasted for 11 years. In a throwback episode of “Super Soul Sundays,” Iyanla reflected on her state of mind before their friendship and business relationship fell apart and the lessons learned since then.

The following video clip provided by describes the situation below:

“In 1998, Iyanla Vanzant took The Oprah Show by storm, gracing Oprah’s stage 20 times and talking to Harpo Studios about developing her own show. However, in 1999, Iyanla was approached with an offer by a television executive from another network and chose to accept it. Oprah and Iyanla didn’t talk for 11 years until a 2011 Oprah Show conversation set the record straight for both of them. Watch as Oprah and Iyanla reflect on that conversation and how they learned that all things—even hardships—are divine lessons.”

In the video, Iyanla shared the biggest lesson gleaned from the experience:

“When you find yourself in a new situation… everything that requires healing is going to rush to the surface. If you don’t take a minute to breathe, to gather yourself…you will do what you’ve always done. So, the lesson is: pause.”

She added:

“We go from being 20 to 30 without a pause. Thirty to 40 without a pause. We go from one job to the next. From one bed to the next. Pause, boo. Take a breath.”

Advice that is timeless.

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