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Tamera Mowry Clears Up Rihanna Misquote on Twitter

Tamera Mowry is working quickly to avoid any trouble with Rihanna and her reported e-gangster navy. It is a widely known fact that anyone who dares attack Rihanna and has a Twitter account will feel the wrath of her 30-million-strong-followers known as Rihanna Navy.

The Real” talk show host, Tamera Mowry-Housley nearly found herself on the receiving end before she quickly cleared things up on Twitter.

Mowry gave an interview to CocaoFab listing what she believed to be helpful tips for women who hope to get married.

Some tips included:

1. Don’t be rachet. Be refined.
“Like my grandmother always said, ‘dare to be different’,” says Tamera. While it’s popular these days to be the Rihanna to his Chris (okay, sans the abuse fiasco), consider being different from all of the overly sexy, turnt up girls. Guys want someone who stands out from the crowd. Remember, there’s a HUGE difference between wifey and wife! Don’t get it twisted.


2. Practice doesn’t make perfect when it comes to sex
“If you start having sex at such a young age, by the time you’re in your 30s and 40s, it’s old. And you’re trying many different ways to keep it new,” says Tamera. “I wanted to experience all of that once I got married and living with my husband.” Perhaps trying all of the kama sutra positions with your jumpoffs and boyfriends isn’t the best thing. After all, that will leave nothing new to explore for your husband.

It’s reasonable to assume that Mowry was urging young women to be the anti-Rihanna if they’re hoping to become a wife. It turned out however that the actress never mentioned Rihanna or Chris Brown in her interview.

She clarified the quote on Twitter:

“I interviewed with @mycocoafab and NEVER MENTIONED Rihanna period! Not cool! You better clear this up now! I don’t use words like slowly.

“To cause a controversy @mycocoafab that doesn’t exist is NOT cool. I’m I absolutely love @rihanna!

“Please don’t make up situations at my expense @cocoafab to try to stay relevant. Please don’t put words in my mouth. Not cool!

“Rihanna’s or Chris’s name NEVER came up in that the interview @mycocoafab I’m so confused as to why this site would do this?”

It’s a shame Mowry’s interview was marred by an eager editor hoping to stir up some controversy for a few extra hits. What do you think of Mowry’s advice, sans the Rihanna add-in?

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