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Get Up On This: Kelly Rowland Airs ‘Dirty Laundry’

Kelly Rowland  has released the video for her single ‘Dirty Laundry’ from her album Talk A Good Game.

 ‘Dirty Laundry’ is an emotional song from the former Destiny’s Child star, revealing aspects of  her complex association with her band mate Beyonce, and her involvement in an abusive romantic relationship. The video attempts to capture these emotions visually.

As reported by

“The Atlanta-born artist returns to that heavy space in the song’s new video, spending most of the clip in a dark pool — what looks like an isolation chamber — which no doubt represents the internal prison she’d created for herself while hiding her troubles from family and friends. Later we see her with sunglasses on as she recalls scenes from the relationship, acted out as flashbacks behind her. When the shades come off, the waterworks begin. For both Rowland, and perhaps for the rest of us too.”

The video is also not the first time Rowland’s emotions has got the best of her while performing this song.

As noted by

“The music video isn’t the first time that Rowland has cried while performing ‘Dirty Laundry.’ Rowland performed the single off of her ‘Talk a Good Game’ album at a concert in Washington, D.C. in May, breaking down onstage as she sang. The 32-year-old singer began crying in the middle of her performance of  ‘Dirty Laundry.'”

And although the issues are in her past, Rowland hopes that this song will help people going through similarly tough situations, and now they have a visual representation of that inspiration. As she told

“It was very emotional. It took me days to record …I had to get past being so upset and actually sing the song, not sob through it. I always hope that my music can inspire someone, the same way other artists inspire me. Dream said, ‘I want to write you a record so that people will know exactly who you are, underneath it all.'”

And we’re sure Kelly is glad she’s back on land releasing music videos. She was lost at sea for several hours during a whale-watching incident on Sunday.

Check out the video and give us your thoughts.

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