Outrageous: Kanye West Named Felony Suspect in Airport Attack Against Photog

Kanye West is being investigated for allegedly beating a photographer on his way out of the Los Angeles International Airport.

The incident took place outside the lower level of the Tom Bradley Terminal.

According to LA Times:

“A scuffle took place after a photographer continued to take pictures of the rapper after being told that West did not want his picture taken, sources familiar with the investigation said. Paramedics were called to the scene after the paparazzo complained of injuries. Sources said there were no immediate or visible signs of injury.”

TMZ obtained video of West initially walking away from the throng of photographers. It appears however that something caused the rapper to turn around, approach one photographer and attempt to pull his camera away.

LA Times added that an eyewitness named Samir Chantre revealed in a telephone interview that the incident occurred about 2 p.m. outside the international terminal.

According to the witness as West exited the airport, “five photographers started shooting pictures of him and one of them was over the microphone and was saying stuff to him.” Chantre added, “seemed like he was getting offended” and eventually ran after one of the photographers.

The victim has reportedly decided to press charges.

According to TMZ:

“The victim has been interviewed by cops and they’ve determined he did indeed suffer injuries during the attack. Cops will refer the case to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery and not a battery case. The routine is to go after the suspect for the most serious charge.”

Do you think the photographer is exaggerating his injuries based on the video?

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