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Rae Dawn Chong’s Disgraceful Rant, Calls Oprah Winfrey a ‘Field N****r’

Oprah Winfrey was verbally attacked by her former “Color Purple” co-star Rae Dawn Chong who unleashed a series of terrible insults, calling the media queen a “biotch” and a “field n****r.”

Oprah is no stranger to having shade thrown her way, especially after the heavy criticism that came from director-producer Tyler Perry’s new shows on OWN and from giving actress Lindsay Lohan a reality series, but this one has got to take the cake.

Chong appeared on “Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour” and filled the airwaves with tacky insults that made allusions to slavery.

Apparently the tension started with the movie “Commando”  that allegedly revealed a side of Oprah that Chong didn’t meet when they were filming “Color Purple.”

“I starred in Commando and she just wasn’t having me,” Chong said. “She’s competitive. She didn’t like me. She just wasn’t having me.”

After that, Chong began throwing out racially charged comments that would have  made anyone listening uncomfortable and disappointed that the actress would stoop so low.

“If you look at the way [Oprah] looks, she looks like 60 years ago she would have been a housekeeper luckily,” Chong said. “She would

have not been a house n****r, she would have been a field n****r.”

The comments about Oprah’s skin color would be crass and tasteless regardless of when they were said, but Chong couldn’t have picked a worse time to make these comments as African-Americans nationwide are fighting for racial equality in the justice system, following the “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

Other comments about the daytime talk show queen slammed her physical appearance and suggested that she is obsessed with trying to become beautiful.

“She’s so enormously insecure,” the 52-year-old Canadian actress added. “If you wanna distill Oprah Winfrey down to like her most basic components, she wants to be beautiful.”

As if all that wasn’t enough, she even claimed that Oprah’s success is the result of her being a great “brown-noser.”

It’s not clear whether there are particular people that Oprah has been “brown-nosing” as stated by Chong, but they certainly aren’t the protesters and petition-starters who have been coming after OWN lately.

Like most of Tyler Perry’s works, his new series for OWN came with controversy. But the dislike of Perry’s programs was no match for how upset people were that Oprah was giving actress Lindsay Lohan a reality show.

Well, this will probably add more fuel to that fire because apparently the talk show icon signed a multimillion dollar check to get Lohan on board.

Despite the fact that the troubled actress should be willing to do a reality show for a free grilled cheese sandwich considering her financial struggles lately, she dragged Oprah’s team through four months of negotiations to get a larger pay off.

According to TMZ, Lohan will be paid $2 million for the exclusive interview and eight episodes of a reality series.

Lohan’s mother, Dina Lohan, was excited about the gig and hopes that her daughter will be getting a new mentor out of this.

“It’s fantastic,” Dina said. “If anyone is going to help mentor you, it’s going to be Oprah.”

There is no word out yet on whether Oprah really plans to take the party girl under her wing. Only time will tell if even the great Oprah Winfrey can’t get the “Mean Girls” actress back on track.


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