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George Zimmerman Verdict Provides Blueprint for Legal Slaying of Black Men

cop fired for Trayvon Martin target practice photosAmid all the disgust and disappointment, heartbreak and anguish, anger and outrage by most blacks and fair-minded people over the George Zimmerman verdict of  ‘not guilty’ Saturday night, something else emerged that is just as frightening.

A blueprint.

Through the testimony of the four-week trial in Sanford, Fla.; through the defense team’s dogged strategy; through the jury of six women’s decision after significant deliberation . . . the guide on how to legally slay a black man and get away with it was laid out for all Zimmerman wannabes to master.

In fact, Zimmerman, now free of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, can go out tonight, spot a teenager that he considers “suspicious,” follow him, confront him, get his behind kicked by him and then shoot and kill him. . . and get away with it in court.

All it takes is an understanding of the so-called “Stand Your Ground” law, which he – and now everyone else – has grasped. With that knowledge, you concoct a story that you were in imminent danger; that you got hit first; that a 156-pound kid held you on the ground, used one hand to cover your mouth, another to hold your nose, all the while saying—get this—“You’re gonna die tonight.” Really? Seriously?

The kid is fighting for his life and he becomes an action hero, a Bruce Willis or James Bond and makes a proclamation during a fight? Not believable.

Oh, and don’t forget that he banged your head more than 20 times on the concrete—producing nary a stitch or concussion.

And because of this exaggerated encounter that you initiated by pursuing a kid walking home in the rain, you extract your gun from its holster and fire a shot through the young man’s heart, a bullet that pierced the heart of a crestfallen family and, in a sense, a nation.

We have endured other injustices that wrecked our world. They happen almost every day, actually, somewhere in America. But this case has devolved into something scarier than any other, because it goes beyond killing a black man and getting away with it.

It is about killing a black man and legally getting away with it. Follow Zimmerman’s steps—be a willing interviewee for police, use their jargon, craft a story that puts your life on the line, even if you’re the only one with a gun—and you’ve stood your ground. And gotten away with murder.

For the so-called pundits and the lawyers to insist this case was not about race is just disingenuous at best. It’s hardly ever about race when a black is the victim and a non-black is the assailant. How can the profiling of Martin be about race for the arrest, but when the trial starts— even the prosecution contends the case wasn’t about race?

When the races are reversed in a case like this—a black man profiles, follows and shoots a white teenager—let’s hear from the Zimmerman supporters then.

My prayer is that this scenario, or any like it, never happens again. But Saturday’s verdict makes it more likely that similar cases are bound to occur, as “defendants” can refer to Zimmerman’s trial as a source of their “fear” and premature firing of a gun.

Ironically, the Zimmerman verdict came on the same weekend of the release of “Fruitvale Station,” the movie about a young black man who was shot by police in Oakland, Calif. in 2009 while in handcuffs. That city erupted in violence and riots.

Almost amazingly, people have followed the lead of Martin’s parents and family, comporting themselves with dignity and peace in the face of mass disgust. But it seems everyone is boiling inside.

Emotions were heightened by the almost cheery disposition of Florida Attorney General Angela Corey in the post-verdict press conference and the arrogance and utter heartless comments made by the defense—which boasted more than once that “We won” and claimed it would have been a “travesty” if Zimmerman were found guilty, that there should not have even been a trial. No humility. No humanity. No mention until prodded about the tragedy of this case. That’s sad. And incendiary.

Zimmerman got a semblance of life back after the verdict. A semblance. A lucrative book deal awaits him. ‘Freedom’ in the technical sense? Yes. Peace? No way. Hopefully, if he has blood running through his body, he agonizes daily that he took a young man’s life in a scenario that did not call for death.

And he will always have to watch his back, for there could be someone like him on his trail, someone filled with hate and armed with the knowledge of how to harm him and get away with it in court.

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25 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Verdict Provides Blueprint for Legal Slaying of Black Men

  1. I am absolutely disgusted…but it's true. The blueprint has been laid out…smh.

  2. Dewey Boyd says:

    Rest Assured Zimmerman will Not Gloat Long…

  3. EmpressDiamond Akhanki Buchango says:

    Curtis my sentiments exactly on Angela Curry, she seemed happy about the verdict. " No humility. No humanity. The defense team; " No mention until prodded about the tragedy of this case. That’s sad. And incendiary" My goodness my heart is in pain for our youth! You touch on all of the points that stood out in this case that were over look. How could Trayvon's lawyers go along with this case being anything but based on race.

  4. Yesterday my husband, LESTER CHAMBERS (former lead singer of the 60's legendary group, THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS), was performing onstage at a Northern California blues festival and dedicated his next song, "PEOPLE GET READY" to Trayvon Martin (prior to the verdict being announced) when a deranged white woman leaped onstage and violently pushed this 73 year old performer backwards. Lester was taken to the hospital.

  5. Curtis Bunn says:

    WOW. That speaks to the unmitigated hate that some people have in their hearts about this case and race. Sorry to hear this story. I hope Lester is OK –and that the crazed woman was escorted out of the concert. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Daily Kenn says:

    A writer for the Atlanta Black Star says the outcome of the Zimmerman trial provides a blueprint for legally slaying black men and getting away with it.

    In part, the writer is correct. If a black male is pounding your head in solid concrete you have the legal right to slay that black male. What the article fails to mention is the same hold true of a white male who is pounding you head in concrete.

    What are the chances?

    The article goes on — and this where the river crying comes to play — to write, "When the races are reversed in a case like this—a black man profiles, follows and shoots a white teenager—let’s hear from the Zimmerman supporters then."

    How many times have we said that? How often have we wondered aloud, "If the races were reversed?" How odd it is to hear the 'reversed' hypothetical stated in reverse?

    Not the writer emphatically uses the definitively term 'when' rather than 'if.' He is supposes that the reversal is inevitable. To that I would ask, "OK, when WERE the races reversed? Name one instance when a white guy turned on a black security guard or neighborhood watchman and began to beat him, pounding his head into the concrete."

    The writer wonders alound, "let’s hear from the Zimmerman supporters then."

    You may hear from me know.

    We am not Zimmerman supporters. We are justice supporters. And were the races reversed we would expect the beating victim to defend himself. Race is not the relative factor to us because WE ARE NOT THE RACISTS.

  7. Daily Kenn says:

    Apologies for typos ▼.

  8. Mark Ole Peterson says:

    The reality of this situation for much of America is that the only victim of racism in this manufactured conflagration is George Zimmerman and an entire nation of people, from pale to onyx, but mostly pale who adhere to the idea that property and person can be defended with lethal force if and when it becomes necessary. The only person "profiled" in this case was George Zimmerman , who was artificially ascribed racial bias because of his name and proximate skin color , when in fact it was clear from the evidence in the trial that the only person consumed by racial animosity was Trayvon Martin. Florida's laws are clear, you have to reasonably believe your life is in danger at the moment you pull the trigger. Zimmerman's testimony, injuries , witness testimony , and the material evidence in the case are all consistent with his claims and meet that standard of reasonable fear of death.

    What is more disturbing, to myself and many others is the Orwellian nature of the narrative of racial profiling and victimhood being manufactured and the paranoid racial delusions of blacks in America, who are for the most part have become privileged and empowered simply because they have dark skin. The Trayvon Martin case being the latest example. For the last 8 years there has been an unreported EPIDEMIC of black on white mob violence in major cities throughout america that has not even once become a major topic of conversation. Yet here we have this case, where it is clear that this young man was NOT "profiled" and the national mews media turns it into 'million hoodie march" mob hysteria eerily reminiscent of the Klu Klux Klan marches of the 1920s. They showed a leering , lightened image of George Zimmerman in a jumpsuit, and an outdated picture of a pre-pubescent Trayvon Martin grinning angelically. They edit tapes to make him appear to have profiled when in fact he was responding to a que from 911 dispatch when he says 'he looks black". They lied and said he was "never arrested" when in fact he was interrogated by Sanford PD at the police station where it was determined, correctly, that he could not be charged.

    The whole lens of critique is AFROCENTRIC. This is a parochial issue that was fully and correctly investigated by the police. By any reasonable standard of journalism we should be discussing the problem of black racism , privilege, and mob violence and yet here we are , the delusional Orwellian lynch mobs are chanting "no justice no peace" and choking in apparitions of white oppression that not only don't exist, but are almost clearly the opposite of truth.

  9. Mark Ole Peterson says:

    Your reasoning is lost on the tribal ignoramuses

  10. Mark Ole Peterson says:

    The Trayvon rioters and so-called "protesters" are populist reactionary idiots with no critical thinking abilities or sense of how trials work. There's no other cure for such mass savagery and stupidity in the face of such overwhelming evidence This is a sick miscarriage of justice for a man who should never have been arrested. I'm literally ill with disgust at what our country has become.

  11. Daily Kenn says:

    "When the races are reversed in a case like this—a black man profiles, follows and shoots a white teenager—let’s hear from the Zimmerman supporters then."

    Note the writer's hypothetical sequence: profiles > follows > shoots. Something seems missing. Something between 'profiles' and 'shoots.' Ah, yes. The writer forgot the pesky detail about pounding the victim's head in concrete.

  12. Ohh, cry me a river Curtis Bunn.

  13. Curtis Bunn says:

    Danny, we will pray for you.

  14. Curtis Bunn says:

    That's not nice, Michael C. Mozingo.

  15. Janice Liddell says:

    I am ill with disgust from your myopic view of the situation. "Not guilty" does not mean "innocent" and GZ is certainly NOT innocent..

  16. Curtis Bunn says:

    Mark, I respectfully agree to disagree with you. Wholeheartedly. He shouldn't have been arrested? That's ridiculous. He killed someone who was not looking for trouble, but we confronted by Zimmerman. Who can you be so cold and ignorant to that crucial fact? Sad, Mark. Sad.

  17. Marc Bailous says:

    It's funny but SAD that all the "supporters" of Zimmerman are all WHITE. While other "supporters of Travon are a spectrum of colors. It seems that Zimmerman had the complexion for the protection. That's what's wrong around America still to this day. Do what you want to blacks and other minorities because it's "ALL WHITE" to do so.

  18. Claudette Biewer says:

    Wishing Lester Chambers, the very best of health & recovery.

  19. Anonymous says:

    More blacks kill blacks than whites. Its not even close. A little girl in Oakland just dies in a drive by shooting. They shot through the wall. Now I'm probably profiling, but what do you want to bet those shots were fired by black gang bangers?

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