Drake Reaches for Even Higher Goals

Rapper Drake is currently gearing up for the release of his new album, “Nothing Was The Same.” The successful rapper is known for many things—but comparisons to the likes of “Good To Great” author Jim Collins? Fast Company contributor Kaihan Kripendorff seems to think it apropos. In his article, “The 30-minute Strategy For Creating A Successful Path To Your Goals,” he likens Drake’s accomplished goal of achieving $25 million before reaching 25-years-old, to that of good business goal making. He states:


“When Drake was young, his goal was to have $25 million by age 25. He made it. His new goal, at 27 years old, is to have $250 million. With these two lines in the article it all came together for me: what Drake, my client work, and best practices in military and corporate strategy all have in common. They all point to the fundamental secret to creating breakthrough strategies for your business, your career, or your life.

“What I lay out here is a simple process to rapidly–in 30 minutes or less–define a strategic pathway to your dreams. If you are running a team, leading a department, building a company, or charting your career, I believe these steps can get you onto the most direct, strategic route to your goals. I applied this to my business two weeks ago, and the results have been remarkable. We’ve gone from wandering to sprinting, from colleagues to a team, from hope to conviction, from uncertainty to clarity.”

The writer then goes on to list five steps for creating and achieving great goals. And while the list is more Jim Collins and Tim Ferris than it is Drake, the writer does go out of his way to paint Drake’s so far successful career as a path to follow, and I guess I can agree on a very broad level.

In preparation for his OVO Fest in his hometown Toronto, Drake is showing his business prowess by releasing limited gear to go along with the festival. According to rapfix.mtv.com:

“Toronto’s hometown hero has partnered up with New Era caps and the Toronto Blue Jays to introduce the limited edition 5950 cap that sports the MLB team’s famous logo. These yet-to-be-released hats will only be sold inside the venue for two days and will cost approximately $75 CAD. Embroidered on the black and royal blue hats are OVO commemorative patches.”

Now, depending on Drake’s cut of those proceeds, this may be an example of his business acumen, and most importantly—yet another goal accomplished.


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