‘Big Brother’ Racist Houseguests Strike Again

Despite losing their jobs, Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman were at it again, raising the racial tension in the “Big Brother” house to another level. Their inappropriate comments on the show’s live feed landed them at the center of a whirlwind of negative press.

Gries and  Zimmerman taunted Candice Stewart, an African-American contestant, to the point of emotional distress. A racially charged altercation erupted after Stewart complained about someone flipping over her mattress and throwing her pillows on the floor as a prank.

“I know somebody got one more time to flip my bed one more time and it’s going to be all hell in this house,” Stewart said.

Gries, who was fired from her modeling agency after her racist comments, escalated the taunting— mocking Stewart with finger-snapping and neck-rolling gestures indicative of her stereotypical view of the contestant.

“Whatcha gonna do, girl?” Gries razzed. “I want to see it raaaght now!”

Stewart responded by trying to convince herself to keep calm, but Gries taunted on, “Whatchu gonna do, class girl? Where’s yo’ class?”

Zimmerman, who was also let go from her day job at East Coast USA Pageant after she was accused of using the N-word while taping “Big Brother,” escalated things further by getting right in Stewart’s face and yelling, “Whatcha gonna say? Whatcha gonna say? … You want the black to come out?”

Things looked like they were to about explode, but fortunately, Howard, another Black contestant, removed Candice from the situation. The two had an emotional heart-to-heart, where Candice cried and expressed, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Watch the dramatic racial confrontation on “Big Brother” below…


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