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Who has the Greater Challenge, Geno Smith or Tyrann Mathieu?

Which rookie has a bigger challenge going forward,  Geno Smith or Tyrann Mathieu?

Jets’ Rookie, Geno Smith, is transitioning from college to the NFL to play exclusively under center for the first time in his career. As a 3-year starter at West Virginia, Smith ran the Air Raid offense — almost exclusively out of the shotgun. He will be forced to play under center for the vast majority of the playbook with the Jets. The learning curve is bound to be steep for Smith as everything from footwork to the speed of the pass rush will challenge him.

Tyrann Mathieu is embarking on his first NFL training camp next month and it looks like the Arizona Cardinals plan to keep him quite busy during his rookie campaign. It’s a significant step for the 21-year-old-3-round pick out of Louisiana State, who has come under much scrutiny because of drug violations in the past.

Both athletes will each try their luck on NFL rosters in 2013. Yahoo! Sports experts Jason Cole and Eddie George talk about the challenges they will face.

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