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Hot Trailer: ‘Chasing Shakespeare’

“Chasing Shakespeare” is scheduled to make an appearance in the Montreal International Black Film Festival September 18th. The film is described as a modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale, replete with disapproving families and the bonds of culture and tradition.

Danny Glover plays William Ward, a man dangerously close to giving up after losing the love of his life. From her deathbed, William recounts his history with Venus, the Native American beauty descended from the mystical Lightning Clan, and all of their challenges and triumphs. William’s current state of mind is becoming of great concern to his son, whose present path is strikingly similar to that of his father‘s. Beautiful visuals and a poignant score accentuate this emotionally-charged story. Their journey culminates with the two men witnessing a miraculous event that proves love’s eternal connection.

James Bird wrote “Chasing Shakespeare.” Danny Glover leads fellow co-stars Graham Greene, Chelsea Ricketts, Mike Wade, Tantoo Cardinal, Ashley Bell, and Clarence Gilyard in the film.

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