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Hate or Truth: Star Jones Rips Female Pundits for ‘Misogynistic’ Rachel Jeantel Coverage

TV personality and lawyer Star Jones is tearing apart female pundits on their mean-girl coverage of Rachel Jeantel.

Millions of viewers were introduced to Jeantel as the last person who spoke to Trayvon Martin, the young teenager who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla.

Jeantel’s two days on the stand has spawned a thousand more debates.  Jones is the latest to jump into the melee telling CNN’s Piers Morgan:

“I found it appalling that women would sort of mean-girl her in terms of the way she looked, what she wore, what her weight was, how brown her skin was, how she wore her hair. I think that women… have to be supportive of other women. You don’t have to believe everything that another woman says, but if you engage in the same sort of misogynistic tactics that men engage in, we are destined to always be thought of as the ‘other gender.’”

At this point in the Zimmerman trial, it’s hard to tell who’s hoping to launch or a revive a career off the back of such a tragedy.

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