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Halle Berry Continues to Show Off Growing Baby Bump in Blue Dress

Halle Berry flaunts second baby bump  Halle Berry has been showing off her best maternity fashions during her second pregnancy as she somehow still keeps her hourglass shape. Meanwhile, the pregnant actress is trying to make some serious changes to protect her children from the paparazzi.

A fitted, blue-striped maxi dress is usually the last thing a mother-to-be woman would slip into, but Berry’s second pregnancy seems to be defying everything we once knew about celebrity baby bumps.

The “Cloud Atlas” actress already threw everyone a curve ball when she announced she was pregnant at 46 years old.

Now, she seems to be doing away with whatever scientific law suggests that a woman will lose her figure when she’s pregnant.

When the soon-to-be mother of two stepped out in Culver City on Friday in the sleek maxi dress, she revealed that her baby bump is literally the only thing growing on her body.

From the front, the bump can almost go without being recognized because Berry’s small waist and full hips are still giving her curves in all the right places.

It isn’t until you get a side-view of the award-winning actress that you realize her baby bump has grown quite a bit since the last time we saw pregnancy pics of her.

In addition to wearing the illusion-creating blue dress, Berry also rocked a pair of large sunglasses and minimal accessories.

Berry didn’t smile, wave, or even really acknowledge the presence of the paparazzi as she strolled along in silence and there is a perfectly good reason for that.Halle Berry baby bump photos

The “Catwoman” actress refuses to bring another little one into the world without at least trying to make some serious changes first.

It wasn’t long ago that the protective Hollywood mom went on a rampage after the paparazzi dared to spy on her daughter while she was at school. Now she is ready to do something about it – other than cussing them out and scaring them off.

Olivier Martinez’s fiancée testified in court yesterday to support a new bill that would force the prying eyes of the media to stay away from schools and give children of celebrities a little more space.

“If the bill passes, the quality of my children’s life will be dramatically changed,” the “The Call” actress said. “Just getting up in the morning and going to school is hard for us. The bill would not infringe on [media] rights. They would still be able to take their pictures… this bill will just ensure that they have to keep a safe distance away from children and allow them to move freely.”

Berry also revealed some scary details about how just playing outside isn’t something that her daughter Nahla can enjoy anymore without the media invading her privacy.

“They jump out of bushes, they jump out of cars, they come from behind buildings…” she said of the paparazzi. “A seemingly normal schoolyard turns into what feels like battleground.”

Her fiancé, Martinez, also got into an altercation with photographers after he repeatedly kicked a camera man who was trying to take pictures of him carrying Nahla through the airport.


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