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President Kenyatta’s Hague Trial Set For November

NAIROBI, Kenya – The International Criminal Court (ICC) judges on Thursday vacated the date for the trial of President Uhuru Kenyatta from July 9 to Nov. 12  of this year.

The judges extended the date of trial after considering the prosecution delay in disclosing evidence to the defense team of Kenyatta. His lawyers had asked for a date in January to allow them ample time to prepare his defense.

“The trial chamber determined that the defense should be granted additional time to prepare for trial due to the delays by the prosecution in disclosing its evidence. The trial chamber invited the Defense to submit observations as to the estimated time it needed to adequately prepare for trial. After receiving these observations, and responses from the prosecution and the legal representative of victims, the judges decided to formally vacate the 9 July 2013 date scheduled for the trial’s opening. The new date was set taking into account the defense’s need for adequate time to prepare its case, as well as scheduling and logistical considerations,” the judges ruled.

The trial of Deputy President William Ruto and his co-accused Joshua arap Sang has been set to start on Sept. 10.

The plenary of the ICC judges is due to make a determination if the trials will be held at The Hague, Kenya or Arusha, following applications by defense teams seeking to have their trials heard closer home.

Tanzanian authorities are yet to respond to the request that the court has so far not opposed.

Source: capitalfm

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