Kim Kardashian Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl yesterday and despite all the rumors that he wouldn’t be there for the delivery Kanye did indeed make it to the delivery room and even canceled a major album release party to do so.

The entire Kardashian clan has been eagerly awaiting the birth of its newest member and it seems like baby Kimye was just as anxious as the rest of her family.

Despite her due date being a month away, Kim’s baby arrived on the scene early and caught everyone off guard.

“Kim got sick last night and had the baby early,” one of the sources as the hospital told Us Weekly. “They’re all doing great and amazing!”

There was also tons of debate over the birthing process and fans of the Kardashian family were wondering if Kimmy would be able to take the pain of a natural birth – well, it turns out she certainly can.

The reality star had a completely natural birth in a super-luxurious birthing suite at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Just as exciting was that the baby’s daddy was there for the delivery despite tons of speculation that he wouldn’t be there.

Lately, Kanye has been spending most of his time in Paris and with his new album “Yeezus” about to drop in a few days, he was expected to be out at an album release party during the time Kimmy went into labor.

Kanye decided to be a no show at the album release party instead, but all his fans understood why he couldn’t make it out when the news of the baby hit the Web.

Of course, some people didn’t even believe in the reports of Kim giving birth.

After the poor journalism that surrounded the Beyonce second baby bump, many people claimed the story was just another fake or someone jumping the gun on the pregnancy news.

The doubts only grew when no one from the Kardashian clan made a dramatic and emoji-filled baby announcement on Twitter.

While the pregnancy news is indeed true, it seems like the Kardashians are just waiting for things to get settled before they start blasting things on Twitter – and that’s probably only because Yeezy requested so.

Now that Kim’s baby has made her dramatic entrance into the world, the beef between Kim’s family and Kanye over privacy is sure to get rough.

Kris Jenner wanted to actually be the one to show the baby’s face first on TV during the premiere of her new daytime talk show airing in July.

Kanye, on the other hand, doesn’t want their baby exposed to the media spotlight and while we commend him on wanting that for his baby girl, more than likely that’s just not going to happen when the baby’s mother is a reality star.

Meanwhile, Kim’s baby news flooded Twitter as many celebrities wanted to congratulate the couple on their new addition.

“Congrats to Kanye 4 the birth of his daughter today too!” Nas tweeted. “To my bros w/ daughters!!”

“There is no greater gift in life than a child’s laughter! Congrats to Kim and Kanye,” Russell Simmons tweeted.

Other famous friends, including Kim’s best pal Brittny Gastineau, came by the hospital bearing flowers and gifts for the new parents.

Despite the early birth, all sources from the hospital say that the baby is doing just fine.


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