Amanda Bynes Has Change of Heart After Miley Cyrus Ignores Insults

Amanda Bynes made Miley Cyrus her latest Twitter target after she called the blonde beauty “ugly” shortly before recanting her statement and calling her one of the “prettiest girls” in Hollywood.

Bynes’ social media meltdown is raging on as she insists on trying to call some of the industry’s most beautiful women ugly.

Just weeks after she insulted model Chrissy Teigen and days after she went after the gorgeous bad gal Rihanna, the Nickelodeon child star attacked Maxim’s number one hottie, Miley Cyrus.

Bynes tweeted the 20-year-old superstar saying, “Ur ugly.”

Unlike all the other celebs that Amanda has taken aim at through Twitter, Miley chose not to even address her crazy antics and instead admitted that at one point she was actually rooting for the crazy washed up starlet.

“I won’t even entertain that thought,” Miley told Hot 99.5 FM when asked about the insulting tweet. “I think it’s all so sad, and I don’t want to add any fuel to that fire.”

She continued on to say that the tweet seems to be nothing more than a pathetic publicity stunt on Amanda’s part.

“I was rooting for her comeback until she started attacking me,” she continued. “I just thought it was hilarious that she mentioned my name the moment I was the worldwide trending topic on Twitter.”

Actually, Miley might be on to something. It seems like that’s exactly how Amanda chooses her targets.

She didn’t go after Chrissy Teigen until she was constantly making headlines for her relationship with John Legend and some possible cheating rumors.

She didn’t try to slam Rihanna until she was a hot topic for her break up with Chris Brown and the serious partying that followed afterwards.

She didn’t even bring up Drake’s name again until after his “Girls Love Beyonce” song became a social media treasure.

Looks like she is jus trying to find a way to keep herself in the media spotlight.

Meanwhile, Amanda seems to have a serious case of extremely selective hearing. After the entire radio interview was over, all she got out of it was that Miley Cyrus was rooting for her at one point in time.

“@MileyCyrus thank you for rooting for me doll,” Bynes tweeted. “You are one of the prettiest girls! I want my nose to look like yours after my surgeries!”

Very unfortunate that after all this mess Amanda still thinks the only thing wrong with her is her artificial nose.

Meanwhile, one celebrity did actually apologize for giving the former child star a hard time despite the fact that Bynes was the one who attacked her.

Cher was one of Amanda’s targets as she slammed the star as being “ugly and a flop.”

Well when one of Cher’s fans asked her how she felt about the tweet, she responded by writing, “Who’s that? Wait… Is this another WTF IS MDMA.”

We aren’t sure if Cher got some backlash for the tweet or if she really is just that wishy washy, but it wasn’t long before she was trying to make amends with the 27-year-old retired actress.

Amanda sent out a tweet that read, “This is my Twitter. I say whatever I want. Thanks!”

After a few minutes Cher replied to the tweet saying, “You got That One Right! SORRY about shade, Sweet-Heart, it was unintentional… Promise.”

Maybe Cher is just trying to be nice so she can be featured on one of Amanda’s upcoming rap songs? Yes… that apparently is a real thing.

If you thought her collection of crazy tweets included her messages about becoming a rapper you’re sadly mistaken – the rap tweets are actually one of the few accurate things on her social media account.

As it turns out, a small hip hop label on the East Coast, called Chinga Chang Records, is ready to sign Bynes and desecrate the reputation of hip hop forever.

In addition to offering the former actress a record deal, the CEO claims that Amanda is exactly the image that the hip hop community needs.

“If you look at her actions and attitude she represents hip-hop a lot better than Drake,” he said in a public statement.

Wow…. Well if Amanda’s actions are indeed the perfect representation of hip-hop we’re going to go ahead and make funeral arrangements for the quickly dying music genre.


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