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RG III Shows ‘Explosive Sprinting’ at Minicamp

Robert Griffin III’s comeback from a torn ACL cleared another hurdle Tuesday when he sprinted explosively during drills for the first time since going down in December.

Griffin again worked on the side Tuesday as the Redskins begin their spring minicamp, the franchise quarterback wearing a tight long-sleeve white T-shirt instead of a jersey and sporting the now-familiar large black brace on his right knee.

He ran drills with other rehabbing players–as he’s done all spring–but the newest element to his routine is the ramped-up sprinting that he hopes keeps him on pace to be full-go when training camp starts in late July.

“I’ve said it a bunch a times,” Griffin said. “I’m pretty confident I’ll be ready.”

Before that, there’s the matter of getting married to longtime fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat. Griffin will have another couple of weeks of rehab at Redskins Park, during which he plans to begin cutting drills. But then his attention shifts to his big off-field day and  the juggling act of making sure he’s still tending to his surgically reconstructed knee.

“I’m planning ahead to make sure I do the things I have to do while I’m on that honeymoon,” he said. “And I think I’m a responsible guy, so I’ll make sure I do everything I have to, to be ready–cutting, running, working out–and so when I get back and they see me, they’ll be not only impressed, but they’ll feel safe and sound to put me out there.”

At least the wedding planning hasn’t been too big of a distraction. Griffin says his future wife has fully taken charge of those details.

“I have no say,” he said. “Basically that’s just how it rolls. I’m just trying to make sure she doesn’t become a Bridezilla. She’ll be fine, but I’m doing little things here and there behind the scenes, with the groomsmen, and little stuff for the wedding. She’ll set everything up and then ask me whether I like this or that, and sometimes I actually have a choice and sometimes it doesn’t really matter what I say. It’s her day, so she’s got to enjoy it.”

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