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Bomani Jones’ Caucasians T Shirt: Watch How Some White Folks Get All Upset When They Become the Mascot

Bomani Jones offended many on social media after wearing a controversial t-shirt while co-hosting ESPN’s Mike & Mike in place of Mike Golic. The shirt was created by a company called Shelf Life Clothing almost a decade ago and is a hot seller on Canadian Indian reservations—is designed to look like a Cleveland Indians shirt…except that it features the word “Caucasians” in place of the word “Indians” and a caricature of a white person in place of the Indians’ mascot Chief Wahoo. It also has a dollar sign in place of Chief Wahoo’s feather.

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20 thoughts on “Bomani Jones’ Caucasians T Shirt: Watch How Some White Folks Get All Upset When They Become the Mascot

  1. Being I am the first post here besides some bullshit "Become rich in a week" post, I am going to say no one really gives a damn about the T-shirt. Let's look a little deeper now, the shirt was created almost a decade ago and no one gave a shit then either. Sure some twittertards may have posted some comments about it but that will die down in a couple of days. This is all about some 3rd rate sports show host and his look at me moment. ESPN has been going downhill for years, they are currently picking up speed.

  2. Tony Taylor says:

    If a white guy was wearing a shirt like that with a black guy on it he would be called rascist just saying

  3. Kaitlin Rush says:

    Look at how butt hurt white men are over ish they do to others everyday. That "3rd rate" sports commenter got a pretty long comment from you.

  4. How DAMN STUPID CAN YOU WHITE PEOPLE BE? He was making a point about the USE OF NATIVE AMERICANS AS A MASCOT. You hypocritical white jackasses don't even understand the most simple concepts. IF your "whiteness" is OFFENDED -GOOD! Now you can hopefully-UNDERSTAND- WHY A MASCOT that offends Native Americans is UNACCEPTABLE.

  5. No white people care about the shirt brah

  6. And bomani is a top notch sports caster keep up the great show!

  7. Tony Taylor says:

    Duh you stupid shit you missed my point I can care less about that shirt its funny I'm just saying if a white person wore that shirt with a black guy on it that said Africans or something he would be called a rascist

  8. Tony Taylor says:

    Lol. Some funny shit there lol

  9. Tony Taylor says:

    Coupes for a Cause I love bomani

  10. Kaitlin Rush butt hurt? I'm white and I ordered this tshirt. Boston Celtics white man logo in cartoon style, but none says anything about it being offensive. Running rebel white man cartoon logo again and none calls it offensive. This is not about racism this is about sensitivity, the cry baby, 5 mins famers, I want attention, that's it.

  11. You say "How DAMN STUPID CAN YOU WHITE PEOPLE BE?" but you seem to be missing the fact that the vast majority of white people are not offended by the shirt, a couple of dozen tweets do not define a race. It was also quite clear he was making a point about Chief Wahoo, I am pretty sure once again that the vast majority did not miss that point. Calling other people stupid when simple facts seem to fly right by you, pot meet kettle.

  12. Kaitlin Rush, because I chose to post a comment I am butthurt? How about I can put an intelligent thought together on a subject with some actual facts to refute what the article said, you know, things like the fact the shirt has been around for a decade with nary a peep about it. You on the other hand offer nothing. As far as your thinking he got a long comment out of me, it took all of maybe 2 minutes to write, you stay in school though and one day you'll be able to write an entire paragraph also.

  13. Mike John says:

    Typicall phony white male outrage. If they were legit, I would definetly go to Caucasians game.

  14. Dick Kinn says:

    I'm a white guy and I would wear the shirt and by the way, the Cleveland Indians should stay the Cleveland Indians and the Washinton Redskins should stay the Washington Redskins!

  15. @Michael Peterson-enough "white" people are "damn stupid" to be whinning all over facebook, twitter and social media as "victims".

  16. The simple fact that the shirt has been around for almost a decade with hardly a peep should be proof enough that 99.99% of the population does not care in the least. That you choose to use facebook and twiter as your barometer of what you assume the world thinks is more telling of where your head is at. I'm done with this though since it is quite obvious you nor Kaitlin do not have any kind of rational argument to back your assertion that "white people" are making a big story of this. I will make one last point, when calling people stupid, especially when you call an entire race stupid, you may want to make sure your sentence is gramamtically correct and you don't have words misspelled.

  17. Michael Peterson LOL…You must be the .01% that actually do let it sting You though which is a Fact evidenced by Your responding comments to the article concerning the said shirt! LOL…

  18. Yall do it anyways…we have been saying it was racist about the Redskins' thing, and the Braves' thing, and the Indians' thing…HAS IT CHANGED YET??? WHO you know that supported the changing of mascots because these are derogatory terms defining the Original peoples on so-called American soil –> meaning THEIR LAND (long before any Europeans arrived here)??? LOL…can You answer that?

  19. Tony Taylor says:

    Sort of like black people whining all the time white lives matter to

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