Usher Performs, Predicts Michelle Chamuel Next Winner of ‘The Voice’

It seems Usher felt like showing the young pretenders how it should be done.

For the 34-year-old completely stole the show in a live performance on The Voice, pulling off gravity defying dance moves before jumping up and landing in the splits.

The R&B kingpin opened the night with a glitzy performance of Twisted – complete with lasers and booty-shaking dancers.

Demonstrating that he’s nimble as ever, the eight-time Grammy winner busted out some impressive steps, including a front flip that landed him in the splits.

After Usher won the crowd, it was time for the semi-finalists to sing in an attempt to woo the voters, though he was such a hard act to follow and they were something of an anticlimax.

As a gift to her “good friend” Adam Levine, Katy Perry made an appearance via video link to wish Amber Carrington luck with singing her hit Firework.

“My good friend Adam told me that you have been working really, really hard,” she said.

“Firework is my favorite song that I have ever written and I know that you are going to do it justice, because if you picked this song then you are very brave because it is not an easy song to sing.”

Amber, a Team Adam Texas girl, was praised heartily by most of the judges for her growling rendition of Perry’s pop song, for which she had string instrument backing. There was one exception: “I always want to hear Amber do country,” complained Blake Shelton.

In a bid to help the audience form attachments to the top five, each contestant took a camera crew back to their hometowns. This led self-confessed nerd Michelle Chamuel to sing God Bless America at a Red Sox game in her native Fenway Park in Massachusetts.

On the show she rocked out to the Zedd guitar-based track Clarity.

“Every week I tell you I love you and…I love you,” flattered Adam, while Blake called the performance, “solid.”

“You always bring your A-Game,” said Usher, who appears very fond of his final remaining protégée.

The bespectacled brunette clearly feels strongly for her mentor too. She dedicated her final track, Time After Time, to him.

“Usher you have become like family to me, you are someone I look up to, someone who leads by example both on and off camera. You have allowed me to be who I am,” she said tearfully.

“Time after time you have been there for me, so this one is for you,” she said, clearly moved by the heartfelt “Gusher-Love” she has been receiving over the last few weeks.

Michelle’s smooth execution of the Cyndi Lauper track sent the crowd wild and made Usher beam proudly from the judging panel.

“Thank you so much for dedicating that song to me,” grinned the Burn singer.

“My God, you are the winner,” he added.

“You are medicine for the whole world,” he ranted in true “Gusher” style.

Tomorrow night, two contestants will be sent packing.

Source: DailyMail

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