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Meditation in Action: Unleashing Your Limitless Potential

It is often said that as human beings we’ve have limitless potential. But how can we practically apply this to our experience of meditation? How can we use this idea to motivate us in our daily practice? Below, the meditation experts at Headspace share five steps for recognizing your innate, boundless creativity and resourcefulness of your practice.

Step 1: Recognize That You Have Limitless Potential
Everything is possible. In the same way that scientists can find no end to time and space, the same can be said of the mind. Where does it begin and where does it end? And if there are no limits, then what, or who, is holding us back? If everything is possible, then what, or who, is preventing change taking place? It is only the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from realizing our potential, and it is only our fear in letting go of these stories that prevents us from experiencing the true nature of mind.

 Step 2: Reflect On Shared Experience
When we sit to meditate on our own, it can be tempting to think we’re alone. But being alone and being on our own are two very different things. The human condition, both body and mind, is something we share. No where is this experienced more intimately than in the spotlight of awareness cultivated in meditation. There will be times when we are acutely aware of this connection and, somewhat inevitably, times when we close ourselves down. But either way, we are never alone when we sit and observe thoughts with an open mind.
Step 3: Learn From Overcoming Obstacles
Obstacles are at the heart of learning something new. In fact, in many ways we could even say they are the process of learning itself — the only alternative being that we have already perfected that “something new” and therefore have nothing left to learn.
It’s so easy to forget this simple fact and to get frustrated or impatient when an obstacle arises in our meditation. But this arising of obstacles is in itself the process of learning. This is what it means to train the mind, to cultivate the art of awareness and compassion. This is what it means to meditate…
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