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Rihanna LATE AGAIN: Shows Up Drunk, Stoned to Antwerp Concert?

Rihanna has shown up hours late once again and this time she was late to her own concert and when she did finally arrive, fans were less than impressed with what appeared to be a stoned or drunk Rihanna lip-syncing on stage.

There is just something about Antwerp, Belgium that makes it impossible to get a good show.

Just weeks after Beyonce had to cancel her concert in Antwerp due to dehydration and exhaustion, Rihanna decided to show up late to both of her Antwerp shows after nights of partying and shopping.

RiRi fans usually embrace her party lifestyle and numerous Instagram photos of her drinking and smoking marijuana, but when her party all the time attitude interferes with them getting the good show they paid for her fans had no problem turning against her.

The Bajan beauty showed up to her first show in Antwerp nearly two hours late on Wednesday after she spent most of her day going on a serious shopping spree at the Alaia showroom in Paris.

When she finally made her way unto the stage she gave a performance that one music critic could only describe as “Rihanna in a bad place.”

“There was a wall of reinforced concrete between Rihanna and the public at Sportpaleis,” she wrote. “The pop icon played almost two hours on autopilot… it had the effect of a Valium overdose.”

She went on to call RiRi “shameless” and “careless” before asking the same question that fans wondered as well, “How f***ing lazy and complacent can you get, girl?”

According to the review and fans were tweeted during the show, Rihanna was lip syncing most of the show and when she did decided to actually a sing a lyric or two it was pretty bad.

“Is Rihanna really playbacking without shame,” one fan tweeted before actually leaving the concert. “That does it Rihanna. We are out of here. I can’t watch this any longer. You know no shame.”

Another fan couldn’t get over the awkwardness of Rihanna being under the influence on stage.

“#Rihanna @ Sportpaleis: drunk or stoned? #Disappointing #Weird,” they wrote.

Another former Rihanna fan doesn’t even want her to show her face in Belgium again.

“Dear @rihanna, please do not return to Belgium until you have a decent album out and are wiling to perform decently & on time,” another tweet read.

Another user described the concert in three choice words, “What the f***.”

The second night in Antwerp was no better.

Rihanna spent all night partying after her first show and wasn’t seen pulling up to her hotel until 4 am.

After the long booze and marijuana filled night she arrived to her second show even later than she did the first only to give the same type of lackluster performance.

Not to mention this isn’t anywhere near the first time Chris Brown’s ex has been hours late for an important appearance.

She showed up late for her concert in Boston just days after the Boston Marathon bombing. Before that she was late to appear at a high school in Chicago that won a contest for all their philanthropic efforts in their community.

So what kind of heart felt apology has Rihanna issued? Did she give her fans a hand written note like Bey did when she had to cancel her show? Did she at least write “I’m Sorry” on BFF Melissa’s dry erase board t-shirt? At least a tweet would do a little good for the situation right? Nope…

Rihanna is taking her “Unapologetic” album title seriously and it seems like she is completely unfazed by the poor performances.

The next day she took to the Eiffel Tower for a fun photoshoot with friends as if she hadn’t a care in the world.

The 25-year-old songstress obviously didn’t have any kind of remorse for all her fans who spent their hard earned money to go see in her concert. What was supposed to be the show of a lifetime turned out to be a rip off and instead of even apologizing via Twitter, she goes out to have more fun?

Wow RiRi… You just love giving your fans the middle finger huh?

The sad part is that the talented young lady is throwing all her potential in the garbage and it seems like she doesn’t realize how disastrous it can be if she keeps making her fans upset.

Once they feel like Rihanna doesn’t care about them, they will certainly stop caring about her, her music, and her record sales.

Looks like you and Amanda Bynes need to patch things up and split that humble pie we recommended for her last week.


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