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Ciara Sued For Bailing on Gay Bar, Gets ‘Super Turnt Up’

Ciara is being hit with a lawsuit for cancelling her scheduled appearance gay bar The Factory during L.A. Gay Pride Week at the last minute. Meanwhile, she has released some more new music and hopes to get her fans “Super Turnt Up.”

The 27-year-old songstress has been out of the music spotlight for quite some time and just recently got some well deserved shine with her single “Body Party.”

Well it seems like she’s already getting into some legal troubles after she arranged to make an appearance at a gay bar in L.A only to cancel the appearance at the last minute.

The gig was supposedly going to fork up $10,000 just for CiCi to show up.

The Factory party promoters are suing Ciara for unspecified damagers because they had already promoted her appearance for that night and when she canceled it was much too late to do anything about it.

The famous gay bar in Hollywood admits that the “Ride” singer wasn’t going to perform because of conflicts with her contract with the L.A Pride Festival, but she was at least supposed to show her face at the bar on Friday for the pre-gay parade bash.

While The Factory claims Ciara has indeed breached a contract with them, the singer’s reps aren’t concerned and feel there are no real grounds for a lawsuit.

According to the “Speechless” crooner’s reps a deal was never made official with the bar. To make matters worse, the reps say that the bar chose to continue promoting her appearance for a full week after they had already been notified she wouldn’t be showing up.

According to TMZ, Ciara stated that she feels the Factory is just trying to ruin the Pride weekend but she won’t let that happen.

Meanwhile, she’s ready to turn up with her fans at the festival this weekend and will likely be performing her new song “Super Turnt Up.”

While it may sound like a party song, the lyrics are actually talking about being madly in love… with a turned up beat. Best of both worlds right.

Ciara stopped by Power 106 in L.A to premiere the new track and it definitely has some hit potential.

To be honest, it may have to grow on you just a little bit but once it does you’ll be jamming like there is no tomorrow even if you’re a little tired of the phrase “turnt up” like I am.

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