Beyonce Sets Web Ablaze With Adorable Baby Blue Ivy Vacation Pic

Beyonce shared an adorable photo of her cradling daughter Blue Ivy during their tropical family vacation and the pic has already become a viral sensation… along with the rest of Bey’s vacation photos.

While Queen Bey finally let us get a look at her baby girl, that doesn’t mean she is going to exploit her like other celeb moms we know (we’re talking about you Kris Jenner).

So it isn’t very often that we get to see pics of Mrs. Carter and Blue Ivy unless its some blurry, hazy picture from the paparazzi hiding in the bushes somewhere – and let’s be honest that sucks all the cuteness out of the photo.

Well this time, Beyonce posted her own picture of herself in a hot tub holding baby Blue.

Out best guess it that daddy Jay-Z is the one snapping all the photos of his beautiful wife and child which once again makes the image far more wonderful than anything the paps can catch.

In the black and white photo that she posted to her official Tumblr page her hair is tied up in a animal print scarf turban style as she rocks a pair of large sunglasses and simple earrings.

As for Blue Ivy? She’s resting her head against mommy’s chest and appears to be fast asleep although you can only see the back of her head in the pic. She also has on a cute little bow in her hair (which has been growing rather quickly).

It seems like it hasn’t even been a full year since news broke that Bey had her first baby, and now her adorable tyke is about 18 months old.

With all the rumors that Blue was already about to become a big sister, back to back concert dates in other countries, and constantly working on new music and Pepsi ads the “Bow Down” songstress really deserves some time of to spend with her family.

She flooded her Tumblr with tons of other family vacation photos as well, even some that showed off her true natural beauty.

One picture shows the curvy singer riding on a bike with not a drop of makeup on her face and she still looks absolutely stunning.

Another photos shows her at the end of her bike excursion where it’s revealed she was riding on the bike in nothing more than a bikini and swimsuit cover up.

The Grammy Award winning songstress definitely enjoyed the calm environment for once as she posted another picture of her laying out in the grass with a spectacular infinity pool in the background.

Her vacation photos were signs of relaxation for the famous R&B star, but her fans saw it as inspiration to start working harder.

“Just looked at Beyonces pics on Tumblr,” a self proclaimed Bey stan tweeted. “gotta work hard now so i cn live like tht.”

Others just acknowledged how much they admired Bey for earning the life of luxury she has now.

“Bey busted her ass for everything she has now wat a strong woman!” another fan tweeted.

Needless to say every other tweet about the photos were still focuses on how cute Blue Ivy is and how quickly she’s growing up.


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